MICHAEL CHEESMAN – “Daydreams in Transition”

Title: MICHAEL CHEESMAN – “Daydreams in Transition”

Location: 18 Silvela Road, Sandown Estate, Johannesburg
Start Time: 15:00
Date: 2017-02-04
Duration: Opening Saturday 4 February 2017 15:00,
and any other time, by appointment, until end 25 February 2017.

Gallery owner Dawid Ras is hosting an exhibition of work by the Johannesburg based artist Michael Cheesman at his gallery in Sandown Estate, Johannesburg, from 4 to 25 February. The opening will be on Saturday 4 February at 15:00.
This exhibition, Daydreams in Transition, Cheesman’s first solo show, consists of a number of large-scale paintings in acrylic on canvas. Visually Cheesman’s work is generally concerned with the use and contrast of colours, with a cool/cold layering in production and a negotiation of abstraction. His focus is on what could be simply termed “pretty”.
The works produced within this practice hover between a studied minimalism and an often off-centre kitsch along with interactions and interrogations of the perceived exotic.
Through his work Cheeseman expresses an interest in spaces and how they are constructed, how people move through these spaces and how movements could possibly be altered or reflected on. This fascination extends to the construction of images, and how they could be represented and altered, both visually and historically.

About Michael Cheesman
Michael Cheesman (born 1991) completed his BA in Fine Arts at Wits in 2013. He has been part of various group shows, including Clash (2016), Progeny (2015), Land and Sea (2014), Subtraction (2014) as well as Newwork ’13 (2013). He participated in two collaborative print portfolios namely Pre:/- (2013) and Copulative (2012) as well as a one hour residency at the Ithuba Arts Gallery Braamfontein in collaboration with Aneesah Shaikjee as part of the cc joburg project (2015).

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