Dawid’s Choice Art Exhibitions are guided by the following thought processes:

  • There is a difference between pictures and art
  • There is a place for both pictures and art
  • Art is created as an expression of the Artist’s original thought. There is nothing like ‘corporate’ art for instance – some artworks may incidentally appeal more to the corporate market
  • Good art compliments most interiors and does not depend on the colour of the curtains or ceiling
  • Good artworks can always hang together
  • You do not need to like it when you buy it for investment
  • If you buy it because you like it, you are doing the right thing – given that you have done a bit of research as you would do buying a new car or sewing machine
  • There are certain criteria that make one art piece better than the next
  • Art is not a “quick investment”
  • Buy art before you buy furniture: art fills a room and you will need less furniture
  • There is a fun element in serious art
  • Joy is as valid an emotion as pain
  • Grey and bright colours are all part of the rainbow spectrum and so are landscapes, still lives, portraits and abstracts
  • Sculpture does not take up space, it defines a space!